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Founder and Managing Director Ìfẹ́dayo Akinyosade aka Ìfẹ́ Akín is a singer, songwriter and producer has been involved in the music scene for 22 years, working behind the scenes to help promote AFRO BEAT music on BEN TELEVISION UK. Ìfẹ́ Akín is the lead singer of a Nigeria Afro-Beat group, POUNDS & NAIRA INC, one of the pioneers of Afro-Beats in the UK and the first Nigeria group song on Channel U – later known as Channel AKA and now called LINK UP TV.
Ìfẹ́ Akín decided to establish its own label by forming partnerships with various digital service provider to benefits all artists signed to the company. Music will be the main product sold with live entertainment events, but eventually the record label will be transformed into a brand big enough to sell non-music related products.

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Dayo Bashorun BALOGUN* aka Bash is a creative director, postproduction producer and a music producer. Dayo Bash is graduate of the prestigious Ravensbourne University London.
Bash’s strength lies in talent management, holistic fitness coaching, producing & creating branded entertainment contents with a strong interest in music engineering, factual entertainment, Nollywood & Promotion of Afrobeats in the diaspora. He is passionate about bridging the gap with Afrobeat music or music with African origin and is looking forward to working with UK and Nigeria talent with Elite Extreem Entertainment.

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